ALMA RUMBALL'S ART - of Spiritual Peacemaking Wendy Oke

About The Artist, Alma Rumball:
Alma’s family pioneered in Muskoka Ontario in the 1870’s, where she lived most of her life. In the 1950’s, following a vision of Jesus, she became a clairvoyant recluse, , creating prolific, intricate, colored pen and ink drawings, born of a rich inner life. She watched as “The Hand” drew by itself, unfamiliar forms, faces, characters, separate from her consciousness. Tibetan gods, Joan of Arc figures and tales of Atlantis revealed themselves. As a Christian, she never claimed credit nor understanding. She said she didn’t do them - “The Hand” did. They have been called the sacred

Language of Light, containing activation codes that may be accessed through meditation.
Wendy Oke is married to Alma’s nephew, and in 1972 was given the soul mission by Alma’s ‘genius’ guide, Aba Pasha, to ‘take the drawings to the world’. A retired teacher, counselor and writer, Wendy has done presentations of Alma’s art and writings for 32 years. An award-winning, televised documentary, The Alma Drawings has gone global on the Spiritual Cinema Circle DVD. As an ordained Spiritual Peace Minister with James Twyman’s Beloved Community, she marries couples in Ontario, Canada.
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Workshops offering Alma’s images and their overlay with the Emissary Wheel qualities invite people to use the artwork as meditation tools to acquire the desired attributes. E.g. courage, patience, wisdom, certainty, compassion, joy, clarity, understanding, depth, generosity, abundance, agape. There is a resonance between James’ source for teachings in The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking, Yeshua ben Joseph, and the teachings offered by Alma’s Jesus figure. The similarities are explored in Wendy’s workshops. James owns the Joan of Arc drawing.

A deepening of this connection happened on the trip to Egypt and Israel with James, following the path of Moses, leading the Hebrews out of bondage to the Promised Land. The essence of the Jesus energy there penetrated Wendy’s consciousness, reinforcing the connection between the two teachings.

Photo of Wendy Oke and James Twyman with Joan of Art Picture in May 2005.