The Master and the Servant Sofia Magdalena, SFO


May the wind blow away all my footsteps.
~from a bushman prayer

“There are many things I’m good at,” she says, “and I’m waiting for Spirit to show me where to put my gifts and talents.” As I see her lengthy list of possible projects for 2009, I feel a great weight of a mountain burying her, holding her immobile. I recall the oft-quoted words of Rumi: “Love is always the answer. Now, what was the question?”

The JOY of a spiritual peacemaker lies in the knowing that CERTAINTY occurs only in the simplicity of the moment-to-moment willingness to love what is, fully, completely, unconditionally: AGAPE, of course! And this kind of lovingness knows no limits and does not need to seek anything upon which to focus itself.

AGAPE continuously gives with a GENEROSITY that assures ABUNDANCE.

AGAPE dissolves the mountains of considerations like water or sometimes burns them away like fire, sometimes blows them away like wind.

With ego’s considerations gone, there is nothing left but the JOY of AGAPE, the JOY of CLARITY and UNDERSTANDING. There is nothing left to serve but this beautiful love. With all considerations gone, there simply is the knowing of what one is to be and do.

Make no mistake, dear ones, AGAPE is the Master and you are AGAPE!