Water as My Teacher ..by Karen Rosasco

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As I sit on the deck of my ocean front room in the quiet small town of Gold Beach, I am reminded of how much I too am like the water of the Ocean. Perhaps it is because I consist of approximately 55% water, I drink water for hydration, I cleanse my body with water, or that it really is my grandest teacher.

All along the shore I witness the gentle or sometimes fierce way in which the ocean churns and crashes, in never quite the same manner, yet its affects are always identical. Rocks tumble, waves roll and the sand ripples as the ocean breathes with each wave. Through its persistent action of rolling the rocks in the waves, or crashing against large boulders, each rock, over time, becomes smooth. The rough edges are gently softened and sculpted in a way that flows as the ocean itself.

Being a Spiritual Peacemaker, I too transform just like the rocks, as they represent the many aspects of me. Water represents the experiences in my life. As I learn and grow, evolve and release judgment and fear, my rough edges become a tad smoother, a bit gentler, and more compassionate and understanding. When storms come, and they will, I can still stand in peace, knowing the calm will follow as it always does. I can take that energy and transform it into dynamic actions.

There are many sides to me as Spiritual Peacemaker, both rough and smooth if you will, and I need to accept all aspects of my Divine being. Just like a drop of water is part of the larger wave and ocean, I too am part of the larger whole. With that, I will continue to roll with the waves of life, allowing the water to wash over me, and honor the wisdom from my grand yet humble teacher: Water.