Building a Resonance of Peace Rev. Cynthia J. Reiber, Spiritual Peacemaker


In our world today, with the media able to point out every wrinkle and flaw on the planet, it would be easy to succumb to fear, throw hands in the air and exclaim, “It’s hopeless.” Many are talking about their fears, praying about them, trying to find solutions for them. Even more may not voice their fears, but they feel them nonetheless.

Being a Minister of Peace and a student and teacher of the principles of the Law of Attraction, it seems to me that the basic flaw in these activities is that they focus on what is not wanted, rather than on what is wanted. This only serves to feed fear and bring more of the same. Even if they remain unspoken, fears are still felt. If fear is the dominant resonance, fear, or the object of the fear, is what predominantly manifests. Admittedly, it is difficult to turn focus to what you want when what you don’t want seems so blatantly in your face, but here is where creating a new set of beliefs and behaviors, a new neural net, makes all the difference.

Have you noticed that once you know something, you cannot go back to un-knowing it?

I tell you, you are the conduit for peace on Earth. Each individual emanating a clear resonance of peace then becomes the critical path. Focusing on three of the attributes from the Emissary Wheel can assist in closing the gap between feeling fear and feeling peace, and thus raise the global resonance of the world to peace:

The Three C’s

Courage ... to see the world in our own way
Certainty ... that peace and love are the core of all beings and all circumstances
Clarity ... of vision such that the resonance of peace is unwavering

Being Peacemakers means that no matter what appears to be happening in the world, we hold true to our knowing and the resonance of peace so clearly that peace is inevitable. Together, we can do it.