Loss As A Gift ..by Cheryl Hiebert M.Div.

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The first thing you may say is, “What! How can that be true?”

Upon discovering that my time was limited and coming to an end with a being I loved more deeply than any other, I was in shock. Nothing; no amount of spiritual awareness or enlightenment can prepare you for this. At least that’s what I thought. The unreal aspect of it was overwhelming. It felt like I was in a dense fog. So...then you go through the so-called stages of grief. And you realize that the things that used to irritate you no longer seem important. In fact, many aspects of life, seemingly meaningful, lose their importance, for there will be a day when that very thing will be what you miss most dearly.

One of the lessons in loss has been impermanence. The concept didn’t fully sink in before. But loss brings us there squarely; to the truth – to many truths. One of which is, that all things are impermanent and do eventually end in the way we know them – AND we discover that when everything falls away, love is all there is. Truly.

Loss ironically feels like the deepest pain you could possibly endure and at the same time, the most profoundly deep love. Both are magical. Loss teaches us about this - and can be one of life’s grandest gifts.

With the “rawness” each moment becomes precious. Every nuance of that being becomes so very precious. Time takes on new meaning. And then if we really get it, it translates and extends itself out to everything and everyone. Things slow down and there is hope that each treasured memory will remain intact as the years pass. With every encounter we now look deeply into the eyes of each person or being, honouring the impermanence of the moment, not wanting to miss one single thing. Being truly present in all ways is our way of being now.

There is no more running away, no more denying but sitting in the face of the truth, of all that really matters – love.
Pure unconditional love.