Water: The healing element ..by Bobby Jenusaitis

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Among the many challenges facing the future well-being of our world, the health of water is perhaps the most urgent. The tenuous condition of our water makes the possibility of a loving and peaceful world just that more remote. While there are many things which need to be done in order to better care for the water of the world, caring for the water inside of us is the springboard for the healing of our wider world.

Through my work with various teachers work closely with water, such as Dr. Masuro Emoto and Malidoma Some', I can say with some certainty that water is the key to healing. Dr. Emoto teaches how energy vibration effects the quality of water. In our bodies, which are made up of between 70 and 80% water, the ability for us to live a healthy and peaceful life depends on how our water is doing. As a peacemaker we must love our water.

We can love our water by simply respecting it. This means drinking enough of it daily and making sure we are allowing ourselves to love unconditionally. As we allow love to become the central motivating force in our lives, water will be healed. In addition, doing what we can to ensure the availability of clean water to everyone in this world is another way in which the healing of our collective humanity will be achieved.