What will you do today, to be an advocate for a child in your life?
by Ariella Grace Magdalena

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I must create a system
or be enslaved by another man's;
I will not reason and compare:
my business is to create.
~William Blake

We never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build anew model that makes the existing model obsolete.
~R. Buckminster Fuller

Our blessed children that are incarnating on this planet right now, are here to show us the way. We don't need to figure out how to create peace, we only need the willingness to listen to our children. They are here to BE peace.

My prayer is that every conscious adult, will find the courage to advocate for these children. For me, this means creating systems that allow them to be educated in an organic, holistic way, that honors who they are, their interests, and how they learn. Learning, without relevance, is pointless. Learning without complete regard and reverence for the uniqueness of each individual child, is abusive.

The children incarnating now, are coming in wide awake. There is no work for them to do, their Divine-knowing switch is turned on. As adults, if we want to transition into a way of being that is peace, we MUST allow these children to remain spiritually whole.

When we are supporting, empowering, and trusting our youth, in the process of leading their own educations, in 50 years we will have experienced the largest quantum leap in humanity this planet has ever known.

What will you do today, to be an advocate for a child in your life?