Mother Earth by Sharon Wesolowski

Rising in awareness for many during these times, is our personal and planetary relationship with Earth. How do we presence peace as we walk upon and interact in reverence with the Mother?

An image offered is of a place I go in communion with Universal Wisdom. Here there is a rock-filled stream, with water wide and moving. Felled over is a log, balanced in fortitude across the expanse of fluidity. Standing as pillars to each side, are two trees reaching skyward.

As peacemakers of this Earth, we’re invited to intimately connect with Gaia’s streams and waters… to encircle arms around Her trees… to smell and touch soil… and welcome each in wonderment as we claim sister and brotherhood with all things. Cultivating an inward partnership with Earth is foundational to embodying peace for humanity’s evolution. As we explore direct-connection, we invite global wisdom forth, rising through our soles to guide our walking.

By living in willingness to innocently engage with Gaia, we’re drawn to our Peace within the Universal Cycle. Through ongoing commitment, we’re guided around Her circumference… of personal and collective thoughts, feelings, judgments, needs and wants in relation to life on Earth… in relation to each other. In reflectively walking this outer rim, we gain perspective and texture of what rests at center ~ the Essence from which All arises. Through authentic, impartial connection to one’s Circle-of-Earthly-Experience, a peacemaker is able to let go of limited particulars… to open in surrender, releasing outcome to serve as instrument, asking, “How may I extend love into this moment, at this time?” As we invite Earth into our hearts and honor abiding connection, we move into embodied co-creation… our actions and longings are consciously guided by the Source of our coming home, here and now.

Let bridges fall over stone-filled waters. Invite the partnership of solidity and fluidity as navigator amongst all perceived polarities. Filled by Earth’s breath, we walk between pillars of Love… guiding us into the Presence of Peace upon Her Home.

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