The Next Generation: The Children by Raija Maria Rintapää


The constantly changing life force of God has been working from the beginning of time and always will. What would be more powerful and closer to God than new born baby? Nothing. The next generation is in charge and makes a difference based on the work of the previous generations. What the world looks like shows the quality of our teamwork.

These newborn babies hit me in 1991 and in 1992. I was so blessed. It was the beginning of my liberation from bondage and opened me up to freedom and love. I can see the beautiful divine plan behind it all. These Indigo sons made sure to teach me that the only thing that really works is love. ”Learn to use it Mom.” ”What is your truth, Mom, and are you living it now?” I learned eventually that my chilren are easy to get along with if my own space is clear, loving and truthful. Believe me, big life changes were needed and the constant awareness of the flow of life.

We have always learned by example, even things we don't like. The repeating example has an incredibly intense marking effect on our subconscious. Our children follow our example like hawks. They need our trust, love and divine patience in learning to embrace their feelings and to accept themselves. We need to surrender and trust every step of the way in order to get rid of the unloving ways of raising children.

Our children need our example of how to live on the terms of the heart. They are destined to make the change and are compelled to follow their inner calling more than their parents imagined. When we choose the life of a Spiritual Peacemaker, we choose to support life and our next generation of the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and ”Whatever” children. I am grateful for this simple truth and I know that we have finally found the way to create the new world.