Katrina & Beyond by Rev. Laureli, M.Div

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As I reflect back over the last several years, since I began this journey (consciously) toward being a “Peacemaker”, it truly has been a remarkable ride. The scenery has been unusually stimulating.

Since my experience with Hurricane Katrina, which occurred in Aug 2005. Most of the first ordination group was just completing our 2-year seminary experience. Prior to the storm I was quite complacent with my life activities. Being in an average garden of life along the Mississippi Coast. With my massage practice & my prayer circles and peace bonfires on the beach – I thought it was great – I didn’t expect much more.

Then the storm hits and our lives in this average garden was seriously shaken up. Mother Nature came through & turned the soil over (along with everything else). The seeds that had been there were all dispersed and confused. Our complacent lives will never be the same – we now needed to learn a new way of being. As I began to realize this fact several other folks began to turn to me for guidance. I thought this as odd because I really didn’t see myself as the community leader that others saw me as. Many wanted grounding or connectedness. I found that I had not detached from a very deep connection – a Beloved taproot was very strong and gave me the strength to grow and help others find their new grounding.

The 12 attributes and the 33 lessons of our Beloved life manifested in expression for self & communal preservation. One of these expressions was continuing the bonfires for peace, which first happened on our coastline at the Summer Solstice 2005, where the 7 towns along the coast had a bonfire and we all synchronized saying the prayers for peace together for the planet. Afterwards committing to repeat this at each equinox & solstice. After the Storm we couldn’t do this – or could we? I had found charka tea lights on my property still wrapped in their package. I found a map of the coast and placed the tea lights on each of the 7 towns. Some how the word got out that a fall equinox gathering was still going to happen (yet not on the beach) at the Herb Cottage in Long Beach, MS. the center of the coast. Instead of sending energy for world peace we sent out healing for our coast and all who had been touched by the storms. I was told recently that this exercise continues monthly at the coastal holistic meetings.

I am currently living in Austin, TX allowing myself to recover & I am expanding myself as a healer. In a Christic manner I work to uphold the attributes that have been intrinsically woven into my root system. I continue to learn how to walk with courage, understanding, certainty, & so much more. It is wonderful to have these attributes as my fertilizer. So when it is time to bloom I am strong & able to with stand and be present with what may come.