Return to Oneness by Integrating Duality by Rev. Kathleen Hellenberg


No matter what the physical gender of our bodies, we each have some qualities usually associated with the opposite gender. In the Zohar, books of Jewish mysticism, it is written “The Blessed Holy One does not place [its] abode in any place where male and female are not found together.” We would find no reason to be attracted to one another if we didn’t see at least a little of ourselves in one another. Bringing these two forms of duality into harmony and balance within ourselves makes it possible to integrate them and can result in our being able to live, feel and be peace. Here are a few ways to get started.

1. Follow your interest. Is there something you’ve always been interested in but never pursued because it’s usually associated with the opposite sex? Go ahead and pursue it. There is probably something about it that you’ll find relates to your gender as well. Anything that moves you outside of your comfort zone is an opportunity to engage a part of yourself you may be out of touch with. Once you get through the initial discomfort and start to enjoy it, you’ll feel more balanced and peaceful.

2. When you are upset about something, say the following words to yourself to determine which viewpoint you’re using. Feminine: we, our, community, the potential to receive
Masculine: I, me, individual, the capacity to overflow
Then say the key words for the opposite viewpoint. Bringing them together provides space for a solution to present itself.

3. Bach Flower and Flower Essence Remedies are homeopathically prepared liquids which address issues of emotional well being, soul development and mind-body health. They can gently and peacefully help you get in touch with an opposite viewpoint.

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