a moment in PRESENCE by Cathy Matarazzo

Email: apachebluemoon@yahoo.ca

Although this was not one of the topics to choose from, the words gently lingering within my being all point toward the idea and divine opportunity of embracing that of the present moment. As I pondered the various topics offered, I was so able to connect deeply with all but knew I would have to inevitably make a choice at some point in order to actually share whatever inherent wisdom that would find its way into this sacred expression … (not always an easy task for a Gemini like myself!) Needless to say, these thoughts are to serve as a premise for sharing what I am presently experiencing in all of my realms of existence. Before I continue though, I will first begin by offering a few attributes that I believe are essential to embracing that part of our journey in living and being an instrument of Peace, within the present moment. To be awake in and to the many moments of divine presence amongst us always, one must first desire to choose this way of sight. It is inherent within us all as children of the universe yet the use of one’s own free will is what solely supports and allows for this movement to be birthed. There are many factors that enter into this divine contract of presence that support one’s desire to actually choose such a path. Trust is an absolute as is the act of surrender in order to receive the truth of God’s presence in the “now”, within each of the sacred breaths we are gifted. Once these spiritual attributes are put into motion, one of the most important aspects then is simply that of gratitude. With gratitude in hand, one is moved very quickly to see all things in the light of love and acceptance. It is within this space of acceptance that one is then free to dance in the grace of divine presence!

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