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Loss As A Gift ..by Cheryl Hiebert M.Div.

Email: cdh@kingston.net
Website: www.sacred-journeys.ca

The first thing you may say is, “What! How can that be true?”

Upon discovering that my time was limited and coming to an end with a being I loved more deeply than any other, I was in shock. Nothing; no amount of spiritual awareness or enlightenment can prepare you for this. At least that’s what I thought. The unreal aspect of it was overwhelming. It felt like I was in a dense fog. So...then you go through the so-called stages of grief. And you realize that the things that used to irritate you no longer seem important. In fact, many aspects of life, seemingly meaningful, lose their importance, for there will be a day when that very thing will be what you miss most dearly.

One of the lessons in loss has been impermanence. The concept didn’t fully sink in before. But loss brings us there squarely; to the truth – to many truths. One of which is, that all things are impermanent and do eventually end in the way we know them – AND we discover that when everything falls away, love is all there is. Truly.

Loss ironically feels like the deepest pain you could possibly endure and at the same time, the most profoundly deep love. Both are magical. Loss teaches us about this - and can be one of life’s grandest gifts.

With the “rawness” each moment becomes precious. Every nuance of that being becomes so very precious. Time takes on new meaning. And then if we really get it, it translates and extends itself out to everything and everyone. Things slow down and there is hope that each treasured memory will remain intact as the years pass. With every encounter we now look deeply into the eyes of each person or being, honouring the impermanence of the moment, not wanting to miss one single thing. Being truly present in all ways is our way of being now.

There is no more running away, no more denying but sitting in the face of the truth, of all that really matters – love. Pure unconditional love.

BRIDGE TO PEACE! ..by Carol Anne Munro, M.Div.,
Minister of Peace, Facilitator, Inspirational Messenger, Artist


The realms of all possibilities are within what Lynne McTaggart calls "the field." When we are in the lower vibration of fear, worry, anxiety, horror, terror, sadness, depression, grief, anger, resentment, hate, impatience, etc., we attract and radiate it in the field for ourself and others. We are then the bridge to the lower vibrations.

In the same respect, as a bridge to extreme high vibrations of kindness, love, excitement, respect, openness, fairness, uprighteousness, courage, gentleness, our actions lead us to fixing, helping, controlling others and environment, fanaticism, judgment, criticism, comparison, inequality, etc.

We swing from one to the other depending on our reaction to the situation determining the degree of our pain or pleasure. In pain we like to dramatize the negative. In the extremes of pleasure, we like to dramatize the magic, good fortune, luck. We can rest assured we will have an equal down for every up and up for every down – just like the pendulum going back and forth until it comes to the centre of its path where peace, love, joy, abundance, contentment and wellness reside.

When we become the observer of the pendulum of our life, we can see where we go too far up or down and choose to come into stillness within our heart where creativity, unconditional love, peace, compassion, detachment, appreciation/gratitude, and wellness reside.

For example, if self-hatred is showing up in others around us as self-mutilation, self-deprivation, over indulgence, addictions, then we can know by our reaction and feeling in our body whether we have an emotional charge – the same thing within us – thus, an opportunity to neutralize our emotional charge. In neutralizing the emotional charge within us, we heal ourself and radiate peace to the field. From the place of patient peaceful loving neutrality, we become “the bridge” for others, in their own time, to choose life-giving ways.

As the “the bridge,” appreciate the flow of small miracles, in alignment with the divine within, ever increasing.

The Master and the Servant ..by Sofia Magdalena, SFO

Email: thandi1080@yahoo.com
Website: www.sanctadivina.org

May the wind blow away all my footsteps.
~from a bushman prayer

“There are many things I’m good at,” she says, “and I’m waiting for Spirit to show me where to put my gifts and talents.” As I see her lengthy list of possible projects for 2009, I feel a great weight of a mountain burying her, holding her immobile. I recall the oft-quoted words of Rumi: “Love is always the answer. Now, what was the question?”

The JOY of a spiritual peacemaker lies in the knowing that CERTAINTY occurs only in the simplicity of the moment-to-moment willingness to love what is, fully, completely, unconditionally: AGAPE, of course! And this kind of lovingness knows no limits and does not need to seek anything upon which to focus itself.

AGAPE continuously gives with a GENEROSITY that assures ABUNDANCE.

AGAPE dissolves the mountains of considerations like water or sometimes burns them away like fire, sometimes blows them away like wind.

With ego’s considerations gone, there is nothing left but the JOY of AGAPE, the JOY of CLARITY and UNDERSTANDING. There is nothing left to serve but this beautiful love. With all considerations gone, there simply is the knowing of what one is to be and do.

Make no mistake, dear ones, AGAPE is the Master and you are AGAPE!

Water as My Teacher ..by Karen Rosasco

Email: creatingbalancewithin@yahoo.com

As I sit on the deck of my ocean front room in the quiet small town of Gold Beach, I am reminded of how much I too am like the water of the Ocean. Perhaps it is because I consist of approximately 55% water, I drink water for hydration, I cleanse my body with water, or that it really is my grandest teacher.

All along the shore I witness the gentle or sometimes fierce way in which the ocean churns and crashes, in never quite the same manner, yet its affects are always identical. Rocks tumble, waves roll and the sand ripples as the ocean breathes with each wave. Through its persistent action of rolling the rocks in the waves, or crashing against large boulders, each rock, over time, becomes smooth. The rough edges are gently softened and sculpted in a way that flows as the ocean itself.

Being a Spiritual Peacemaker, I too transform just like the rocks, as they represent the many aspects of me. Water represents the experiences in my life. As I learn and grow, evolve and release judgment and fear, my rough edges become a tad smoother, a bit gentler, and more compassionate and understanding. When storms come, and they will, I can still stand in peace, knowing the calm will follow as it always does. I can take that energy and transform it into dynamic actions.

There are many sides to me as Spiritual Peacemaker, both rough and smooth if you will, and I need to accept all aspects of my Divine being. Just like a drop of water is part of the larger wave and ocean, I too am part of the larger whole. With that, I will continue to roll with the waves of life, allowing the water to wash over me, and honor the wisdom from my grand yet humble teacher: Water.

ALMA RUMBALL'S ART - of Spiritual Peacemaking ..by Wendy Oke

Website: www.almamatters.ca

About The Artist, Alma Rumball:
Alma’s family pioneered in Muskoka Ontario in the 1870’s, where she lived most of her life. In the 1950’s, following a vision of Jesus, she became a clairvoyant recluse, , creating prolific, intricate, colored pen and ink drawings, born of a rich inner life. She watched as “The Hand” drew by itself, unfamiliar forms, faces, characters, separate from her consciousness. Tibetan gods, Joan of Arc figures and tales of Atlantis revealed themselves. As a Christian, she never claimed credit nor understanding. She said she didn’t do them - “The Hand” did. They have been called the sacred

Language of Light, containing activation codes that may be accessed through meditation.
Wendy Oke is married to Alma’s nephew, and in 1972 was given the soul mission by Alma’s ‘genius’ guide, Aba Pasha, to ‘take the drawings to the world’. A retired teacher, counselor and writer, Wendy has done presentations of Alma’s art and writings for 32 years. An award-winning, televised documentary, The Alma Drawings has gone global on the Spiritual Cinema Circle DVD. As an ordained Spiritual Peace Minister with James Twyman’s Beloved Community, she marries couples in Ontario, Canada.
Her website is www.almamatters.ca

Workshops offering Alma’s images and their overlay with the Emissary Wheel qualities invite people to use the artwork as meditation tools to acquire the desired attributes. E.g. courage, patience, wisdom, certainty, compassion, joy, clarity, understanding, depth, generosity, abundance, agape. There is a resonance between James’ source for teachings in The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking, Yeshua ben Joseph, and the teachings offered by Alma’s Jesus figure. The similarities are explored in Wendy’s workshops. James owns the Joan of Arc drawing.

A deepening of this connection happened on the trip to Egypt and Israel with James, following the path of Moses, leading the Hebrews out of bondage to the Promised Land. The essence of the Jesus energy there penetrated Wendy’s consciousness, reinforcing the connection between the two teachings.

Photo of Wendy Oke and James Twyman with Joan of Art Picture in May 2005.

Building a Resonance of Peace ..by Rev. Cynthia J. Reiber, Spiritual Peacemaker

Email: cjpeacemaker@gmail.com
Website: www.celestial-joy.com
Blog: http://resonantpeace.blogspot.com/

In our world today, with the media able to point out every wrinkle and flaw on the planet, it would be easy to succumb to fear, throw hands in the air and exclaim, “It’s hopeless.” Many are talking about their fears, praying about them, trying to find solutions for them. Even more may not voice their fears, but they feel them nonetheless.

Being a Minister of Peace and a student and teacher of the principles of the Law of Attraction, it seems to me that the basic flaw in these activities is that they focus on what is not wanted, rather than on what is wanted. This only serves to feed fear and bring more of the same. Even if they remain unspoken, fears are still felt. If fear is the dominant resonance, fear, or the object of the fear, is what predominantly manifests. Admittedly, it is difficult to turn focus to what you want when what you don’t want seems so blatantly in your face, but here is where creating a new set of beliefs and behaviors, a new neural net, makes all the difference.

Have you noticed that once you know something, you cannot go back to un-knowing it?

I tell you, you are the conduit for peace on Earth. Each individual emanating a clear resonance of peace then becomes the critical path. Focusing on three of the attributes from the Emissary Wheel can assist in closing the gap between feeling fear and feeling peace, and thus raise the global resonance of the world to peace:

The Three C’s

Courage ... to see the world in our own way
Certainty ... that peace and love are the core of all beings and all circumstances
Clarity ... of vision such that the resonance of peace is unwavering

Being Peacemakers means that no matter what appears to be happening in the world, we hold true to our knowing and the resonance of peace so clearly that peace is inevitable. Together, we can do it.

What will you do today, to be an advocate for a child in your life?
by Ariella Grace Magdalena

Email: ariella@sanctadivina.org
Website: www.sanctadivina.org
& www.SelfDesign.com

I must create a system
or be enslaved by another man's;
I will not reason and compare:
my business is to create.
~William Blake

We never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build anew model that makes the existing model obsolete.
~R. Buckminster Fuller

Our blessed children that are incarnating on this planet right now, are here to show us the way. We don't need to figure out how to create peace, we only need the willingness to listen to our children. They are here to BE peace.

My prayer is that every conscious adult, will find the courage to advocate for these children. For me, this means creating systems that allow them to be educated in an organic, holistic way, that honors who they are, their interests, and how they learn. Learning, without relevance, is pointless. Learning without complete regard and reverence for the uniqueness of each individual child, is abusive.

The children incarnating now, are coming in wide awake. There is no work for them to do, their Divine-knowing switch is turned on. As adults, if we want to transition into a way of being that is peace, we MUST allow these children to remain spiritually whole.

When we are supporting, empowering, and trusting our youth, in the process of leading their own educations, in 50 years we will have experienced the largest quantum leap in humanity this planet has ever known.

What will you do today, to be an advocate for a child in your life?

Peace in the Body ..by Rev. Wm Guillermo Ortiz

Email: gortiz2@earthlink.net

My father was my first movement teacher, and a tough one at that. He ran a small moving company in downtown Los Angeles called Ortiz Transfer which consisted of him and his young sons. He’d yell out his “lessons” to us while on jobs, "Use your legs!" "Watch where you're going!" And my favorite, “Dammit, RELAX!"

For years I resented what I viewed as forced labor. I realized early on I
preferred to move my body in a different way. I became a cross-country runner and devoted my weekends to dance. Eventually, I became involved in the study of t’ai chi ch’uan in my mid-twenties.

T’ai chi ch’uan (“supreme ultimate fist”) has its roots in ancient China, being both a sophisticated martial art and a complete health system. It is a movement sequence which integrates body and mind, inner and outer energies with the very forces of heaven and earth. The basic principles are deep relaxation, natural breathing, suspended head top and slow continuous movement. When these principles are learned and embodied in practice, a state of energized calm pervades one’s entirety.

It was this feeling that sustained my practice through many years and
provided a foundation for physical and spiritual awakening. I realized that our bodies are exquisite and magnificent creations that can avail us to the most extraordinary states of peace, poise and happiness. It seemed clear that when we treat our own bodies with respect, care and kindness, we are more likely to treat others the same. With this understanding, I moved towards a greater desire to become a peacemaker and undertook my studies with the seminary.

I believe that generating peace in our bodies, by whatever means, leads to generating peace in the body of the world. So may we breathe, relax, align and connect with our embodiment of this precious human life.

To paraphrase the words of St. Francis, “Lord, make my body an instrument of your peace.”


Email: halfmoontheatrco@aol.com
Website: www.halfmoontheatrecompany.com &

Years ago, someone told me that I minister thru my music. I had not thought of it that way. At least, I had forgotten what I originally knew.

During a moment of depression when I was 15, I vowed in prayer to help and heal people and make them happy using all my creative talents, the ones I knew about and the ones I had yet to discover. And in that moment, had a glimpse into the future and knew that I would be combining my natural talents with new creative skills in unique ways in the future to “make a difference.” From then on, I was always conscious of having clear mind and pure loving thoughts whatever I was creating, music, art or poetry.

Since age 2, my father had accustomed me to listening to every genre of music in his record collection, and I especially loved Broadway showtunes. I began writing poetry at 16, and composing songs on piano when I was 17. I desperately wanted to learn guitar, and have been self-taught since age 20, when I opened up to receive divinely inspired “songpoems.”

Never having studied theatre, I began writing the outline for my first musical in the mid-1990s. Shortly after auditioning for Rob Darnell’s Poetic Notion Chorus in December 2006, we discovered we had separately been writing the same musical over the years. This began our collaboration, and the Half Moon Theatre Company was born. We’ve been performing our music together and co-producing various music shows ever since, highlighting other artists’ work besides our own. We are currently working on developing Arts and Education workshops for youth.

Last year, I had an intention to bring writing to the prison population. This year I am giving ex-prisoners a voice thru writing workshops in a NYC organization, hoping they will want to publish, and eventually introducing them to theatre and spoken word performance. Whomever I work with, I bring the art of spiritual peacemaking, and I see healing take place.

Water: The healing element ..by Bobby Jenusaitis

Email: hopelovenow@yahoo.com

Among the many challenges facing the future well-being of our world, the health of water is perhaps the most urgent. The tenuous condition of our water makes the possibility of a loving and peaceful world just that more remote. While there are many things which need to be done in order to better care for the water of the world, caring for the water inside of us is the springboard for the healing of our wider world.

Through my work with various teachers who work closely with water, such as Dr. Masuro Emoto and Malidoma Some', I can say with some certainty that water is the key to healing. Dr. Emoto teaches how energy vibration effects the quality of water. In our bodies, which are made up of between 70 and 80% water, the ability for us to live a healthy and peaceful life depends on how our water is doing. As a peacemaker we must love our water.

We can love our water by simply respecting it. This means drinking enough of it daily and making sure we are allowing ourselves to love unconditionally. As we allow love to become the central motivating force in our lives, water will be healed. In addition, doing what we can to ensure the availability of clean water to everyone in this world is another way in which the healing of our collective humanity will be achieved.

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