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Gather the Tribe by Lonna Bartley

Email: lonnabartley@mac.com
Website: www.humanity101.com & www.blogtalkradio.com/humanity101

Of late, I have been hearing the beat of the drums…the heart-beat of all of existence. The resonance of life. Do you feel it? The rate of the beat is speeding up. I dance. I keep the beat. I feel the urgency of its call.

A gift of the beat is that as I listen and resonate with it, I am in the eternal moment of NOW…I am in my heart…I feel its vibration and its call to be here in my body NOW. I get lost in the completeness of my heart and NOW. I am called to be fully present.

As I respond to my heart and the calling of the beat and rhythm of life I move in response to the pulsation of the energies of all of life. I notice those dancing around me. Some in beautiful rhythmic harmony with fluid motions...dancing their joy. Others seems to in the space of chaos and confusion. They are dancing to the pulse in ways that are disharmonious.

I feel their energy pulling me. I feel their energy asking, “How do I find the fluidity?” “How do I learn to listen to the beat deep within and deep within the earth?” I see the pain, anguish and fear in their eyes.

I must keep dancing my dance. Words are not as powerful as BEING. Those that are in harmony, are gathering to dance their Sacred Dances NOW TOGETHER! The Tribe is being called to respond to the Sacredness of Life. As we keep resonating with the heartbeat of life, others begin to feel this vibration and they begin to respond. The resonance is shared and felt on profound levels.

Shifts are occurring. The drum is beating. The heart is responding. The Tribe is Gathering. Each dancer is called to dance his/her own dance in response to the beat. The Tribe of Man is in chaos. Can we each be courageous enough to gather and dance? The time is now!


Email: dwarden@earthlink.net

In January, I joined three other female ministers to create Ascension Ministries of Tampa. We take turns conducting the service so I get to do one service a month coming to twelve a year. As a minister of spiritual peacemaking, I felt it was important to bring the concept of peace on my Sunday. So I started by taking, one at a time, the twelve major religious traditions which are celebrated in our Sacred Office of Peace and focusing the service on peace as brought out in each tradition. Rather than “preach” about peace or give information about the religion, I allow the stories, songs, meditations, prayers, and music to create peace in the congregants’ hearts. Essential to this creation is the assistance of a fantastic musician and singer, Leah Clark.

Many times we have had additional activities at the end of the service such as dancing the Hava Nagila (Judaism), or honoring Kuan Yin through a ceremonial procession to her statue on our grounds (Buddhism), or drumming and chanting (Native American). We recite the peace prayer for each tradition. During our offering time, we play the peace song that James Twyman recorded for the particular tradition.

Three attributes that I feel are essential to creating and being Peace in relation to this work is to keep the feeling of peace within as I research, write, and create the service. I always “receive” what I need from the Universe for each part of the service. Then I feel that bringing the message of peace to the congregation is essential through every aspect of the service. Finally, I feel that it is not appropriate to ask afterward, how the congregation feels about the service or if they liked it. That immediately stops the flow of the peace and love and joy that started within. Not telling the moral of the story is also essential; that way the meaning of the story stays with them forever or at least a very long time.

Reclaiming Your Power to Trust by Asha Ramakrishna

Website:www.travelingfamilycircus.com & www.reclaimingyourpower.com

There once was a disconnected family. Disconnected not because they were unconscious, but because they were afraid to trust. They were unable to trust in their innate ability to provide for their family after both losing their jobs; afraid to trust their souls. They were paralyzed by the talk of world economy and how their bank accounts could one day reflect the typical living-beyond-their-means American household. They were afraid to trust in the All-That-Is.

Then, this regular family got sick of living like everyone else. They got tired of talking about what they wanted to do. They threw their reasoning voices to the side, decided they would pack their two kids, unnecessary amounts of clothes and gear, and would drive from Boston, MA into Central America during the summer.

Instead of fears, they found a deep connection: in the natural beauty of Mexico, in the coral reefs of Belize, in the human need in Guatemala, and in the financial polarity of El Salvador. They ripped through the façade of their personalities and fell in love with each other, their rambunctious children, and in the present moment, wherever that took them.

I cannot speak for him, but I know she fell in love with herself. She practiced for two months to love her curves and to claim her needs. She learned to ask for space, and she found refuge in the togetherness of the family. She found the healing properties of gratitude and that home is where her Beloved and young daughters are. She discovered that happiness is a choice.

What have you talked about doing? Don’t ask why you haven’t done it, but decide you want it deeply enough to trust. To be a Peacemaker is to trust in the unseen loving forces of your Soul and beyond.

To view photos & blog:www.travelingfamilycircus.com

Journey into the Cosmic Pulse by Karen Holbrook

Email: karenholbrook@usa.net
Website: www.thecosmicpulse.com

In 1997 I had a psychic and spiritual breakthrough which led me through an intense healing process. I became aware of myself as a multidimensional being -compassion, wisdom, joy, and bliss filled peace.

The awakening left me with a powerful knowingness, & memories that had to be relived, accepted, integrated taking me to the heart of the cosmos and back to the essence of love that we individually and collectively embody.

On a personal level it meant remembering all levels of creation and dealing with the emotional pain of separation from the first instance of individualisation. This included all the places of heavens & hell, I had created within.

The deep periods of meditation at this level of awareness allowed me to access and energy I call the cosmic pulse.

The cosmic pulse is created from four aspects – the inner flame of love, zero point, liquid love, and a pulse which brings all these energies together in a harmonic convergence that liberates all potential and creative force within.

At the centre of the pulse is an inner flame of love comprised of all the possible aspects of creation, based on the energies of ‘creation’ ‘nurture’ & ‘transformation’.

Zero point accepts, dissolves, transforms, and creates all things as part of itself. It produces an all encompassing liquid love that continuously and effortlessly supports our continuing evolution.

The Liquid love supports every living cell in the body rejuvenating & moisturising with pure love. It expands and releases limitations by dissolving them into love creating conscious awareness of ourselves eternal multidimensional being of pure source.

The pulsation is created by the harmonic convergence of within us in an up down direction and side to side creating a pulse of pure energy (cosmic pulse). The convergence is triggered by a decision to turn all of the aspects of self inwards toward each other creating an explosion of pure love from within.

Thus the individual steps out of duality and into PEACE and into the dance of life.

To read and learn more about the cosmic pulse go to www.thecosmicpulse.com or contact me at karenholbrook@usa.net

Peacemaking an Economic Paradigm by Christine Jefferson

Website: www.thereikicentre.ca

Spiritual peacemaking is an inside out job in that each one of us is solely responsible for finding the Peace that exists deep within even the most chaotic circumstances of life. Many of us are aware that bringing peace to old belief systems, old ways of doing things can be very challenging indeed. My intention this past year was to focus on and reveal the sincere gratitude and appreciation I knew was hidden within our North American system of monetary exchange by opening a Spiritual Education facility disguised as a small business in the downtown core of a small Southern Ontario town. On the outside we look like any average storefront, complete with appropriate signage, windows for visibility, and accessibility. On the inside however, we are very different. We are all about Peace.

One year ago a core group of dedicated individuals gathered together to create a powerful energy vortex based on the teachings of “The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking”, Then we set our intention to only attract money that was given with the energy of gratitude or appreciation. We offered much needed support systems during times of personal transition, a safe space for people to gather, to learn, to celebrate, or to worship. Most of our programs and services were offered on a donation basis. We set to work building collaborative relationships with local holistic practitioners, healers, artists, and spiritual teachers with the objective of promoting one another's services. Truly accepting and embracing all healing methods as valid while working with practitioners to encourage the highest levels of integrity. We know that each teacher has their own audience, their own resonance pattern through which the message of peace and wellness can be heard.

To some it seemed as though we were giving away our business, but we knew that our generosity flowed from the principle of “give everything to everything”, and the deeper knowing that we were only giving to Ourselves.

To read the entire article please click here or go to: http://www.thereikicentre.ca/page1.html

Altai Is the New Earth ~ Now by Carol Hiltner
Founder/President of Altai Mir University

Website: www.AltaiMir.org & www.AltaiBooks.com

Dear fellow Peacemakers!
I am writing to you from the Altai Mountains, in the exact center of Eurasia. Ancient traditions call this magical place “Earth’s umbilicus”—the place where cosmic nurturance enters our planet. The Siberian winter has decked the forests here with diamonds. Even the air glitters. In this energy field, the New Earth is already manifesting itself, and I am giddy with wonder.

For ten years I have traveled here at every opportunity. Each time, I have come away healthier and more centered. I have devoted my life to finding ways of leveraging this benefit, both for the planet and for the local culture. The Altai people—ancient stewards of this land—are a gentle and generous people. At the same time that global forces are acting to strip these lands from them, they are looking outward to share their blessings and deep-founded wisdom—through their phenomenal throat-singing, powerful shamanism, unique healing herbs, and pure wildflower honey.

I arrived just yesterday, with three intentions for the next month: to continue painting the visions that I access here; to organize further leadership exchanges between Native Americans and the Altai people to share their ancient wisdom traditions for world-wide benefit; and to continue a global campaign to legally secure traditional Altai lands for Altai people under new Russian land laws.

In doing these things, I myself am a part of the New Earth that is emerging here. My “right-brain” painting is a direct manifestation of cosmic energy as sacred archetypal images, while my “left-brain” development work holds open a door for this “new” energy to flow around the whole Earth.

Many Peacemakers have encouraged and generously supported my efforts through the years, as I have devoted my entire Being to this work. I thank you, and invite you bring the “Altai energy” into your own life through your meditations and/or through exploration of the resources I have put on-line at www.AltaiMir.org and www.AltaiBooks.com. The above photo is of Carol here in Altai.

On 10 January, 2009 Carol will be the first recipient of a new international peace award for continuing citizen diplomacy, from the National Peace Foundation in Washington DC.
The award name is "Peace Quilts Award," inspired by two magnificent peace quilts Carol made in the 1980s, signed by hundreds of citizens and government officials in the US and the USSR.

Teach Our Children Well by Rev. Michael W. Mills

Email: AnEaglesSoul@aol.com

In the corner of my mind as I write this are the many times over the years that I have been bitten, scratched, kicked….been cursed, spat at and threatened (even had a chemical sprayed in my face) by some of the 6 – 18 year old clients I have served. To love these children, to feel compassion for them has not always been easy in the moment. However, to share peace, to BE peace with these children is imperative if we are to be about our Father’s business.

They reflect what they learn in their homes, by what they see on television and the movies and the video games they play. They reflect the anger and violence that threatens to engulf this world. Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

In the forefront of my mind is the hurt, pain, sadness and even hopelessness behind the eyes of these children who will inherit the earth. In the center of my Awakened Heart is a Seeing of these beautiful young ones as healed and whole. In the center of my Realized Soul is a Knowing that they are children of God, that they ARE God.

Thank you for the task You have put before me God…….to be the change I wish to see in the world….to teach the children well so that they, too, will know Your Peace.

Moments of Aloha by Lavenda Schaff

Email: alohapathways@gmail.com
Website: www.alohapathways.com

For the past 15 years I have been living on Maui. I was very fortunate to receive some of the profound Ancient Hawaiian teachings - in addition to my studies with James Twyman.

HO’OPONO PONO (“Making things, which are right, more right”) talks about a time of ALOHA LOKAHI (“Love and unity”). An era of peace in Hawaii until the 1230’s, according to my teacher Auntie Mahealani Henry.
Focused on PONO (“Being ok with what is”) we are balanced in one moment but the next moment can be upsetting. We might be able to return to pono with the very next moment again.…

By accepting life being pono with what is, we are able to create peace within us. An important foundation of pono is the knowingness of a beneficial universe, always surrounding us by NA KUPUNA (“Ancestors, angels or beings of light”) with KA LEI ALOHA (“A circle of love”). In a world falling apart (e.g. economically) it is easy to loose this knowingness.

A simple tool to bring this awareness of love and peace back to us is our breath and the simple word ALOHA. It is the expression for love, kindness, respect and honor. One of the deeper meanings has to do with HA (“Breath of life”). ALO means “In front of” and therefore Aloha signifies “In the present of the breath of life”. Which is love.

The Hawaiian language has a similar vibration as Sanskrit, profoundly effecting our body on a cellular level. Just by simply inhaling and thinking “Aloha” we are able to connect with our breath, with the ocean of breath outside of us, and with the love of the universe, Na Kupuna and the Divine Light. By exhaling on “Ha” we are sending out that knowingness to the world.

So, take that breath of Aloha! Just for one moment. ... and for that moment you are pono.

Until the next moment…..
ALOHA, Lavenda

The Yoga of Devotion by Rev. Denise Wheeler, Spiritual Peacemaker

Email: gaiashakti@earthlink.net

Two years ago, while attending a weekly Mastermind Group, a woman introduced me to a concept that has since changed my life. From her I learned to replace the word spend or spent with the word devote or devotion. Instead of spending time with friends or family members, I found myself devoting time to them. Spending money took on an entirely new meaning as I began to devote my income to bills, responsibilities, contributions and purchases. If I was not able to devote time to a project, cause or activity, I would question why I was engaged in it.

As a Spiritual Peacemaker and a yoga instructor, I took this practice even deeper into my consciousness. In the yogic tradition there are five types of yoga. One of them is not often mentioned, Bhakti-Yoga, the Yoga of Devotion. In Bhakti-Yoga the object of devotion and adoration is a divine being. I found the gifts of the Spiritual Peacemaker merging with and fulfilling this devotion on an inner level through an Illumined Mind, an Awakened Heart, a Realized Soul.

Everyday activities have taken on increased clarity, understanding and depth as I apply the practice of devotion to all aspects of my life. Being a Spiritual Peacemaker is not something I do, it is what I am. I radiate peace. Palpable peace. I now encourage others to apply this practice to their own lives then witness the changes that take place. How would you live your life differently if you were devoting (not spending) your time, money or energy?

Rev. Wheeler can be reached by e-mail at: gaiashakti@earthlink.net

The Next Generation by Rev. Yvonne Thibodeau

Email: wolfncrow1@yahoo.com
Website: http://sophiaswisdom.byregion.net

In the last couple years, I have been led to the notion that I was to work with Indigo children. I thought, “No, I didn’t/don’t want to work with small children.” Well, then as I was addressing my Intro to Peace Studies class last spring, I realized the Indigo’s were sitting in this very classroom. They aren’t little children, they are now young adults, some of whom are not “awake” and with whom interactions can be quite trying at times.

Working in a secular university setting as an ordained spiritual peacemaker presents interesting challenges and wonderful opportunities when interacting with students and the university community at large. What we all know, as spiritual peacemakers, is “being” peace is most important as is showing and giving compassion; along with this is the need for deep listening, deep listening as Thich Nhat Hanh espouses. Doing and being these things, as well as giving students a place to be whom they are, can be transformative. Seeds are planted and then the students have the opportunity to grow them, some more slowly than others. I have watched students open up in amazing ways. They are here to help usher in the new earth and foster peace. I see that my work, here, in this place, at this time, is to plant the “seeds” of transformation and peace. I feel truly blessed and honored!

A Minister is...by Sequoia Elisabeth Carpenter

Email: sequoia414@yahoo.com
Website: http://SequoiaMinistry.org

A minister is a person who is acting as the agent or instrument of another to administer or apply a service, care or aid, as in attending to the wants or necessities that contribute to the comfort and happiness of everyone. Now this is the dictionary definition and I would like to look at this from a spiritual perspective and how it affects each of us. We all play roles in our lives all the time and this includes the one you are playing right now as you read this. It is important to clarify our roles in each situation of our life so that we may more fully experience life. Even more important is to realize that you are not the roles that you play. It is easy to get caught up in our roles and indentify with them. The daily social roles are the easiest to get stuck on, such as mother, daughter, grandmother, spouse, partner, friend, and caregiver. The occupational roles are also something that many identify with and this can be just as stifling. “You” is a broad term and as we grow spiritually we realize that there is a lot more to “you” than we realized. There is the individual you, the roles you play as you, the larger you that is connected through community and there is the Universal One you, which is the only “real” you there is.

A minister is a role that we play, but it is also a lot more than that. It is a title we can use to describe our daily activities. Each and every person is a “minister” to their lives! Yes, we each minister every day. Now think about this and review the definition offered at the top of this article. How does this apply to your daily life? You don’t have to be religious to be a spiritual minister (or Spiritual Peacemaker). It is each of our responsibilities to minister consciously each day!

To read the entire article please click here or go to: http://sequoiaministry.org/page11

Being the Peace by Barbara Andrew
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Email: sargasso@vianet.ca

Some time ago, peace minister Nina Roe received messages from the angels about our jobs as peace keepers/makers/be-ers on this evolving earth. There are a number of roles that we chose before we ever came here. One of them is the spiritual warrior. James Twyman, out in the world would likely fall into that category, as well as the Dalai Lama. At the same time we may also be teachers, another one of the roles of a spiritual peace maker.

Some of us are also meant to model peace, to be the peace. And that seems to be one of my roles. But the world is so compelling. And it’s easy to be drawn into all of the activity, the drama of it all.

Recently I spent time at my family’s cottage mostly alone and was once again reminded of the intense rightness I feel in “being” peace, in holding the space of peace, in allowing the peace that is always present, to be.

I’d forgotten that the connection is never lost
And that all I need to do is trust.
In the stillness of my life,
In those places in between,
I’ll remember.
I ‘ll remember the perfection.
II really don’t have to try so very hard at all
Because I already know
Here in me.
I know here in me,
As I breathe
That all is peace
The peace I am.
All is peace
The peace I am.
When I am here, in my life, modeling peace, that’s all I need to do
And the rest always follows.
Namaste and many blessings through the year and always.

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