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Journey into Silence by Eugenie Heraty

Email: eugenie@cwgsy.net

Upon re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s wonderful book Silence Speaks I’ve come to understand and greatly value the power of focussing on stillness, on bringing our awareness right here into the present moment and bypassing the busy thinking mind. Entering this silence gives us a much deeper perspective of our life situation; rather than being lost in an emotional/mental storm, we gain an ability to see what occurred from a place of calm detachment, that sets us free from the unnecessary dramas in our lives.

Where thought goes, energy follows and it’s truly our choice where we send this energy. Are we going to amplify some past grievance by running post mortems on how it should have been, or what we could have done/said etc., or are we going to just let go of the drama and instead bring loving attention to the part of us that’s hurting, holding that wounded part in loving presence.

A very wise guide once said to me “let your focal point be the quality of peace entering your mind and body; bringing rest and healing”. I soon came to realise that feeling this peace within my body is completely different to simply “thinking about” it. However to touch those tangible depths of living peace, we are once again confronted by all our resistance. All the countless past occasions when we distracted ourselves AWAY from the old familiar, often ignored aches and pains. It requires a considerable degree of present moment awareness to keep on coming back to what’s happening right now when the storms of previous unfinished business try to blow us off course. However bringing attention right into the physical pain or discomfort in the body considerably quietens the mind and in that place of stillness our hearts can open and we can sink back into our true nature which is so loving and joyful.

We become embraced by our own depths.
What peace and joy there is within us always waiting to embrace us.

What I Learned From Sleeping Beauty by Rev. RJ Starr, Peace Minister
Spiritual Director - Beloved Community Miami

Email: revrj@bcmiami.org
Website: www.bcmiami.org

You know the story. Breathtakingly beautiful woman, crosses paths with an unconscious ego and a spell is cast. A finger prick upon the spindle yields to deafening silence of nightmare screams, taking collateral the entire kingdom into throes of unconsciousness. Time passes, trees wither and scape turns to gray. Pain grips the man, to her betrothed, until its tolerance he can no longer bear. Finally, the divine masculine ascends to kiss the divine feminine and the entire kingdom awakens.

This awakening is pure and simple. There’s no need for pomp and circumstance. This story does it with a kiss. Dorothy clicked her heels. We entered Narnia with a thought. We remember the delight of a bed knob and a broomstick. The message is always the same - It is within.

As spiritual peacemakers we embrace and become simplicity. Through surrender, trust and gratitude, we are illumined, awakened and realized - our gifts to the world. We do this not by creating ambiguous rituals that scare some and perplex most but through our simple Being-ness. The essence of a spiritual peacemaker lies in remembrance of who we are.

There is no precedent event: no books to read, lectures to hear, candles to light, music to chant, places to go, meetings to hold, levels to climb, cards to select, die to roll, nor postures to strike. Spiritual peacemakers forego creations of bureaucracy on the path and embody the Truth, which is Simplicity. It can be no other way. Simplicity is our Being-ness, and our Being-ness is our Truth.

When sleeping beauty fell asleep, the kingdom became overgrown with thorns and thistles, weeds and burrs, smothering its beauty. Let us ascend the nonsense that hides the essence of the kingdom and declare, with love, “I Am That I Am” and awaken the kingdom with the sweetness, and simplicity, of a kiss.

Conscious Fear by Kimberly Greene

Email: greenek@netzero.net

There are times throughout our life journey that we experience fear. We have a choice to look at fear through the lenses of our ego or our spirit. The ego will define fear as a threat. The spirit will welcome fear as an opportunity.

Fears that no longer serve our higher purpose may begin to surface. The universe will even deliver experiences that bring forth our fears to help teach us. We can look at this as an opportunity to work through and release the fear (what a gift!) or stay stuck in attempting to run away from it. When we have gratitude for the purpose the fear has served, and shine the light of love upon it, it can no longer exist within us and will pass. When we focus on the fear, or reject it, we see only the illusion of the darkness it seems to create, and it appears to grow.

We tend to collect our experiences and mold our lives and decisions based upon those experiences. In a sense, we hold onto our experiences and subject ourselves to becoming cluttered. God did not intend for us to hold onto all this clutter. An exercise that has been a great blessing for me to work through my fear is to surrender my experiences to God. I share this, as it may be helpful for you.

Picture a tube connected to you extending all the way to Source/God (like the tube at a bank drive through). This tube is your uninterrupted connection to God. Send all your experiences to God through this tube (including your fears). Visualize watching the experiences travel through this tube, without any attachment to them. By sharing and releasing these experiences with God, illusions are less likely to dull your sense of connection. This is a “safe” way to look at your fears, acknowledge them, and release them.

Peace in Authentic Relationships by Medea Chechik

Email: medea@selftransformation.ca

I was out for dinner with a friend a while ago and she asked me several interesting questions:

• “Why are relationships one of the most difficult experience there is?”
• “Why do we have such deep, innate desire to seek romantic relationships or loving partners?”
• “Why is it that at some level we feel incomplete unless we are in an intimate relationship with another?”
• How do we create peace in our relationships?

The following is what transpired.

As humans, we are undergoing an evolutionary impulse towards self-realization. The user manual is built within us. It is the all pervading, infinite conscious intelligence of our spirit. More and more of us are participating in this awakening consciously and actively, and are providing a map or template for those who are awakening every day. Intimate relationships provide a very powerful context or arena for our personal awakening.

As we awaken, we realize how strong of a hold our mind, or (personality) ego has had over us. Self realization is the realization that we are not our mind and it’s programming, but the infinite, limitless consciousness of spirit. We are powerful beings of love, peace, and joy. We learn about the true nature of this Universal Divine Intelligence as it moves and comes into existence within us through the our life experiences, through our connections with others, particularly intimate relationships.

Intimate Relationships are the perfect mirror that reflects back to us what we need to transform within us to fulfill our highest purpose of realize our true self, and to create the love, passion, and peace we want to experience. In living our intimate relationships, we have the opportunity to learn about the programming of our mind that causes suffering and conflict. When we are able to identify the mental, and emotional underlying structures and patterns that generate dissatisfaction, criticism and conflict in our intimate relationships, we are more easily able to retrain our mind to fulfill the purpose that it was meant….
If you would like to read the rest of this artcile please click here.

Creating the New Earth by Pierre Erhard
Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking

Email: peaceis@comcast.net

The New Earth cannot be created, it must be realized, for it already exists. It is within every spirit that is and ever was here. The earth as we see it now is the illusion we as the human spirit have created through ego. Everything we can do or have done is or will be the manifestation of who we think we are. Perception creates experience. All we have to do is be who we really are and the New Earth will manifest.

One person is a microcosm of a group of people. Groups of people are microcosms of countries. Countries are microcosms of the earth. The same dynamics of healing processes apply to all. In order for a person to heal, enough of the whole consciousness of Him/Her must have the intent to heal. When this happens, the person’s life manifests as a healed person. In order for a country or a group of countries to heal, enough of their parts (people) have to hold the intent to heal. When this happens they too manifest healed countries. When enough countries hold this intent The Earth will heal.

So how does one heal? There are many processes, and we each must find our own. It starts with the awareness that all I feel comes from me. If I lash out, I stay stuck. If I go inside, I find the answer, and can heal. Once I am in the process, and can always hold the intent to heal, I can manifest as an authentic, evolved human, and that is Peace and Love, the only truths. As I resonate this, people who are ready, feel this energy vibration and start their process. The New Earth will manifest from this, and will happen when there is enough of us who are on this path, when we realize we are one.

Out of this World Peacemaking by Carrie Cameron

Email: CCameron901@gmail.com

I firmly believe that everyone lives their life ‘on purpose’ – we just don’t always recognize the learning and growing along the way!! How often have we heard, “I just can’t figure out my life purpose” or “If only that hadn’t of happened, I could be …..”. Deepok Chopra states in his Boundless Journey tape,

“every thought is the result of every other thought we have ever had”…

My personal journey has been so rich in experience, I am so grateful. However, in January the Universe made it very clear to relinquish my office space (my private MetaPhysical Therapy practice) and all leadership positions at my Unity Church! Since my Twyman training I have traveled widely on Spiritual missions around this beautiful planet, but no major trips were inspired this year. Was this another ‘jumping off the cliff’ experience without knowing where I was going to land? In early Spring I was led to begin communicating with the Galactic Federation. My first opportunity was with Jelaila Starr, guided by the www.NibiruanCouncil.com, learning a good deal of ‘galactic’ history 101. After that, I began to resonate with the work of Dr. Steven Greer. I will attend his Ambassador to the Universe training in September, learning higher dimensional communication/location technologies. This is waybeyond anything I expected to experience in this lifetime! http://www.cseti.org/programs/Trainings2008.htm
Perhaps my traveling will be off planet this year!

Humanity is on the verge of a long anticipated acceptance into the intergalactic community! And, in case you haven’t noticed, there are many that would like this meeting with our ‘off planet’ friends to be fraught with fear and confrontation. Greer believes strongly that it is up to us as the peacemakers to step forward as ambassadors, facilitating peace not only on Gaia but in the galaxy.

In retrospect, my training with James in Spiritual Peacemaking has led me directly to this next, and very important mission….

Sincerely following my heart in all things,
Carrie Cameron

Oklahoma City: An example of Peace on Earth by Andrea Hylen

Email: AHylen@mac.com

July 7, 2008 - A journal entry

Words seem so inadequate on this day.

By spending the morning and the evening at the Oklahoma City Memorial, I feel that my life has been touched in a profound way. I sit here staring at the blank page feeling the stillness, not knowing how to capture this experience in words.

A field of empty chairs represents the lives lost on April 19, 1995. My heart felt like it was bursting open when I first entered the Memorial. Tears ran down by cheeks, as I opened to the emotion. I felt that my heart was bursting with love and gratitude. Love and gratitude? This took me by surprise. I found out later that the entrance we walked through was the Door of Hope. And that is what I felt.

Through the tragedy of loss, the powerful emotions of forgiveness, healing, hope and love have arisen here. Beginning with the people who responded with help immediately, to those who came from afar, to the words of love from children, this is an example of the hope and beauty that is arising on the planet.

The people of Oklahoma City have risen from the ashes and chosen peace. They are an example of peace on Earth as we each make conscious choices for inner peace.

An educator shared the peace that has been birthed here. Conflict resolution classes in schools; Cards and artwork from children, like the tile that reads, ”The world cares.” Sharing tools of peace with the children.

Every night when the sun goes down, the lights below each chair shine brighter and brighter. As the darkness spreads throughout the city, I see the moon at the highest point in the sky. There is stillness. The chairs that represent loss are transformed and emerge into brilliant candles of hope and light.

I see in this moment, it is in the greatest times of darkness that we become the brightest lights.

The Creation of The New Earth by Jenny Brooke

Email: jj.beloved@tiscali.co.uk

Is the new earth emerging or are we creating it?

We appear to be moving through the birth canal as the New earth is born. All sentient life is being affected, and with this birthing comes the opportunity to co create a new way of being.

All birth brings challenges, and those of us who have a degree of awareness, are called to be willing to assist in the ushering in of the new and of holding the energy whilst the shifts and changes occur.

The new is emerging and it is time for creating a new way of Being, by our willingness to let go of old structures, beliefs and habits. Moving beyond the apparent reality which seems to tell us everything is breaking down on a socio/economic level, and into the peace which lies beyond- hidden by the fears and separation, into unity consciousness.

Being a Peacemaker I need to face my own fears, not to deny them but to Breathe, connect with the Beloved within, and to remember I am not alone, Of Myself I do nothing. To find that peace within myself, and to remember I can tap in to it when it might seem almost impossible.

The first attribute I would bring to these transition times is Acceptance.
For resisting creates more of what we don’t want, and allowing and acceptance brings ease and grace.

To Love and to Bless all experience, and all those who find it so hard to let go and move forward, creates unity and heals separation. To Love and be patient with myself when I become caught up in the illusion.

To be in Gratitude, and to commit to Joy, for being in Joy brings more Joy and inspires others to find it for themselves. Gratitude moves us in to Joy, as we realise how Blessed we are to be alive at this time and to be a part ofthis great shift.

We Are Spiritual Beings in a Physical World by Becky Raymond, RMT, M. Div.

Email: beckyraymond@sbcglobal.net

In the United States of America, a vital crossroad to the future of this country and to the world lies on the horizon. . . Election Day, November 4, 2008. The day in which every citizen of this country has the opportunity to vote for the people who will form the direction that our country will go in the next several years. As a Spiritual Peacemaker, it is my responsibility to be and to bring spiritual peace, and I am responsible to take physical actions that will sustain a peaceful and loving environment in the world. We are spiritual beings in a physical world. Having good intentions, hoping and praying for peace are not enough.

Perhaps as many of you, as a “spiritual” peacemaker I become extremely focused in the spiritual realm and direct my energy toward “causing” a particular result or in “intending” that things go a certain way. While I believe that is fundamental, intentions still need to be grounded in the physical realm to gain existence in the physical world in which we live.

Please join in visualizing peace, in doing whatever you can to cause peace wherever you are, and get involved in the politics that affect each one of us. Vote for the candidates in whom you believe. Vote for those who will lead our country in the direction that will support the values upon which the United States was built. (By definition, “Politics is the process by which groups of people make decisions that affect others' lives; It is the process observed in all human group interactions by which groups make decisions, including activism on behalf of specific issues or causes.” - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Ideas are gifts from God that arise in word to create form and be put into exsistence in the physical world. Politics is our vehicle to use to have Peace prevail on earth. Let’s use it.

. . . and so it is.

Gifts from our Children by Barie Joy

Email: bariejoy@msn.com

I became a mother twenty-eight years ago. Now I am sending my youngest to college as another is getting married. We stand at a crossroads where each of us begins a new chapter in our lives. As I approach this empty nest period of my life, I am struck with the power of this moment and how our children help us so much on our path.

Becoming pregnant with my youngest was unplanned and a difficult time in my life. Giving birth to her was a commitment to embracing life and following my heart even when it was hard and there were many obstacles. And now 19 years later, I am so very proud of her. She inspires me to reach for my own dreams and to have the courage to be passionate about them because that is how she is with her own. She knows how to fly.

Two and one- half years ago, my second daughter became pregnant. She chose to have the baby but felt that she might not be ready to be a good enough mother. She and the baby’s father looked into adoption and found a family. It was a very difficult time for all of us. After she gave birth to her daughter and decided to keep her, we all gathered around her to celebrate and to help. We discovered the true meaning of “it takes a village”. We found that we were all there for each other by being there for them. I have been blessed to be included in raising my granddaughter with so much love from so many people. She is a magical little girl.

We stand at the threshold of new beginnings with a strong foundation built from nurturing the life of a new little spirit. As I watch my daughter dance with her husband and her daughter, and as my youngest is ready to soar, I am overcome with tears of gratitude.

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